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Brown Girl Ghosted 

Coming out March 24, 2020 from Versify/HMH


Indian girl. American girl. Brown girl. Dead girl.


Sixteen-year-old Violet Choudhury’s world is built on lies. There’s the lie that it doesn’t matter if she’s one of the only brown girls in her small Midwestern town as long as she tries to fit in. And fitting in means being a cheerleader (bottom of the pyramid) and

always being the sidekick (never the heroine.) Then there are the lies Violet tells herself: that she doesn’t see dead people anymore. And that the Aiedeo, Violet’s ancient legacy of supernatural Indian warrior queens, have let her go. After all, it’s hard to convince

everyone you’re “normal” with a bunch of shady dead relatives hanging around.


But Violet’s carefully constructed world shatters when a classmate is murdered and the Aiedeo show up with a life-or-death ultimatum for her. Violet’s mission? Use her secret powers to find the killer.


Or else she’s next.


We Were Liars meets Riverdale. This #MeToo thriller is about mean girls, murder and race in a small town.


Buzz for Brown Girl Ghosted

"Das deftly weaves an intricate and believable set of parallel worlds, expertly using Violet's relationship with the Aiedeo and her own powers to explore tough issues of racism, misogyny, and sexual assault...An ambitious, socially conscious fantasy." —Kirkus

"Major Mean Girls vibes.... A touch of the paranormal, a dash of sass, and loads of high school nostalgia make this an entertaining read." —Booklist

“[A] credible and complex portrait of the challenges of being a teen girl….A promising debut.” —Horn Book


“It’s rare to find a novel that tackles issues like cultural identity and #metoo, while still showcasing

deadpan humor and page-turning mystery.” —Kwame Alexander, New York Times bestselling author and Newbery Medal winner for The Crossover.


Brown Girl Ghosted pulls you in from the start and does not let go. It takes YA supernatural mystery to

a whole new level.”—Lola StVil, New York Times bestselling author of the Guardians series and Girls Like Me


“Violet Choudhury is the desi, kick-ass MC I wish I'd seen while growing up. Mintie Das has written a much-needed and timely story, chock-full of humour and heart with just the right twist of the supernatural. It's going to enthrall readers and will be a great addition to any YA bookshelf.” —Sabina Khan, author of The Love & Lies of Rukhsana Ali

"Violet Choudhury, 16, is one of the few people of color in her very white, very middle-American Illinois hometown.... But the Indian-American girl is hiding a big secret: she is descended from a powerful supernatural Assamese warrior queen.... Das (Storm Sisters) peppers her prose with pop culture references to build scenes and provide character development."

—Publisher's Weekly


Cover (Artist: Samya Arif/Designer: Sharimar Rodriguez)



Storm Sisters


Five girls ages 11-17 sail the high seas in the 1780s searching for the people who murdered their



Storm Sisters: The Sinking World was shortlisted for the Berlin Film Festival 2015. Storm Sisters has been

published in eight languages.

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